A community of high achieving women who are moving from Anxious Achievers to
peaceful performers
Discover how to pursue your big calling without losing your health, happiness and harmony 
A community of high achieving women who are moving from Anxious Achievers to
peaceful performers
Discover how to pursue your big calling without losing your health, happiness and harmony 

Are You An 
Anxious Achiever?

You may be feeling exhausted right now.
Out of alignment. 
You've sacrificed your time, energy and priorities for your career ambitions and success, but now you're looking for peace. 
Or maybe you are the woman who dreams of having a big life but you are paralyzed in fear. Too afraid to risk taking a step and fail but now you are ready for courage. 
You don’t want to admit it but you live with the belief that “I am what I accomplish”. 

You have a deep fear of failure and disappointing others and you channel into working hard to avoid facing pain or you protect yourself by never making a move at all. 

And when you have success, there is no time to celebrate because the pressure of the next goal keeps you afraid to be behind. 

You're constantly working or thinking of the future you dream of but it keeps you from enjoying the present moments.
If this sounds like you...
Don't worry, you're not alone. 

The Anxious Achiever Project was created for Anxious Achievers like you and I.

After waking up to the realization that I was an Anxious Achiever, I began the mission to help women just like me move from being an Anxious Achiever to a Peaceful Performer.

YOU Are A Woman Who:

  • Wants to find peace in your daily life while moving towards your big goals
  • Wants to stop hustling, rushing and stressing and live a life of being intentional and organized
  • Wishes you had more energy, clarity and an overall better well-being
  • ​Feels that you're living your life on terms that aren't your own
  • ​Wants to find success through absolute freedom and true joy

I'm here to tell you...
This CAN Happen!

"Kelly is the real deal! Kelly’s system has allowed so many women the ability break free from the constant stress and overload of achieving so they can accelerate their business and life without burning out! Kelly leads with her faith and is brilliant at teaching peace and harmony in business while keeping it authentic and real when it comes to sales!"
"If you are thinking about working with Kelly, JUST DO IT!! 🙌🏾💕 Her ability to understand where you are & speak truth and give you tactics to that situation is undeniably a gift and worth any investment. She took me from not clear, with a lack of confidence and helped me laser in to where I have become unstoppable. She’s so encouraging, you can’t help but have a total mindset shift by just leaning into her coaching and programs. 

Meet Kelly Brock:

My name is Kelly Brock

My life CHANGED when I woke up to the fact that I was an Anxious Achiever. I refused to waste another moment living in my success sickness. 

I started a journey transforming my life and it evolved into a personal mission of helping other women pursue the BIG CALL of their lives without losing their health, harmony and peace in the process.

I created the tools to help Anxious Achievers evolve into Peaceful Performers, and I KNOW that it's going to be life changing for each woman who decides to join me in this movement. 

What's Inside Anxious Achievers:

  • FIVE Weeks Of Value
  • FIVE LIVE Trainings With Kelly On The Deep Work Required To Create Change
  • WEEKLY Anxious Achiever Project worksheets, guides and and homework to lead you through the process of evolving
  • ​FIVE LIVE Deep Dive sessions where Kelly coaches you through the “stuff” that is coming up while doing the transformation work
  • ​Private FB community with direct access to Kelly and other like minded, purpose driven women that allow you to evolve
  • ​SEVEN guest expert trainers who have the knowledge and ability to expand your mind and see life from a bigger point of view
  • ​Weekly accountability to keep you on track and in action
  • ​Peaceful performer practices that will give you the tools, habits and mindset you need to continue life as a peace performer

Anxious Achiever Project Begins March 2nd, 2020

Your Experts:

I want to help everyone in this group get the most value out of Anxious Achievers as I can.

That's why I'm bringing in SEVEN guest experts who will be teaching on different subjects that'll help you reach your individual goals

Kelly Brock

Your coach; Helping you move from Anxious Achiever to Peaceful Performer

Brooke Thomas

Helping you design a life that you love and how to leverage the power of your words

Elizabeth Benton

Teaching you the art of leading yourself to change

Chris Goodman

Coaching you on getting unblocked and being accountable for your time

Emily Breeze

Sharing with you top tips for fitness and success

Casey Linke

Teaching you to get your nutrition and gut in check for high performance

Natalie Creeden

Educating you on meditation, mindfulness and getting out of anxiety

Wes Knight

coaching you to take MASSIVE action and execute on your dreams

"Working with Kelly has been transformative for my life in so many ways. She has helped me go from a scarcity and fear based mindset around success to believing in myself and my dreams and the abundance that’s possible when I set intentions, cast my vision, BELIEVE, and act! I am able to live a life of peace, harmony and tranquility now while also achieving more than I ever have in my career. I can’t recommend Kelly enough! Plus, she’s just the most kind-hearted and most beautiful person inside and out. You will regret it if you don’t work with her today"
"Do NOT hesitate to hire Kelly. Do it NOW. She has God given talent to pull out of you what’s needed to fulfill YOUR destiny. God designed her for this. She was born to help people like you and me reach our highest and best. Kelly’s incredible life and entrepreneurial experience, plus personal values combine to create a POWER HOUSE coach and mentor. Get ready, your life is about to accelerate. "
"Working with Kelly has been transformational for say the least. Her program has helped me finally get clear on what my priorities are and define what a peaceful life looks like for me. The steps she lays out are simple, but very effective. As an overachiever, it’s easy for me to want to make things more complicated than they need to be. Kelly has made it so simple to focus on only the things that make the greatest impact. I’m proud to say I’m fully stepping into what it means to be a peaceful performer and it feels SO good! Thank you so much Kelly!"
" Kelly has a special gift to genuinely speak life into others, shift their perspective and make them feel capable and worthy of the growth they say they desire. Due to her many years of leading women in life and business the coaching program she has developed helps women get unstuck and take real action to change their habits and belief to achieve their goals!!!"

Join Anxious Achievers For

7 monthly Payments Of $206

Anxious Achiever Project Begins March 2nd, 2020

Join Anxious Achievers For

3 Monthly Payments Of $465

Anxious Achiever Project Begins March 2nd, 2020

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One Payment Of $1,200

Best Deal

Anxious Achiever Project Begins March 2nd, 2020